Occupational safety

Occupational safety

Occupational safetyOccupational safety – quick and easy recognition of measures!

Occupational safety


In addition to the prevention of occupational accidents and absences, efficient occupational safety also includes the health protection of employees and personal protection at work. In this context, there are numerous legal obligations which must be complied with. Hazards for the employee must be identified and appropriate protective measures taken to create safe and good working conditions.

Avoidance of accidents and liability risks:

The employer is therefore obliged to become aware of potential risks in the company at an early stage, especially in the context of risk assessments, and to recognize where action is required. Appropriate measures to avoid the hazards must be taken immediately. It is necessary for the employer to document the entire process in order to be able to prove the implementation of the occupational safety measures in case of doubt. As a rule, this is the only way to effectively minimise the fulfilment of possible criminal offences through the exclusion of negligence or intent.

In certain cases it is also necessary to appoint company officers (occupational safety specialists, fire safety officers, etc.). This affects, for example, operators of laser systems for material processing or industrial companies with a high fire risk.

In order to be able to cope with the implementation of the increasingly complex requirements in occupational safety law, the monitoring of legal requirements and the corresponding measure management are of great importance.

CertLex – Your advantage:

With CertLex, we support you both in determining the necessary occupational safety measures and in monitoring any changes as well as the liability-relevant documentation. You can easily create, delegate and monitor actions. CertLex therefore offers you an easy way to set up your company in a legally compliant manner in the field of occupational safety.

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Occupational safety

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Occupational safety

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Occupational safety
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Occupational safety - quick and easy recognition of measures!

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