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BfU AG – Betreuungsgesellschaft für Umweltfragen Dr. Poppe AG

The engineers and natural scientists of the BfU Dr. Poppe AG support companies throughout Europe in the practical implementation of their goals in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety, energy and data protection.

Kanzlei Dr. Poppe – attorneys at law –

The main topics are:

  • Immission control law
  • Construction planning law
  • Product Law
  • Waste Law
  • Energy law
  • General environmental protection and occupational safety law
  • Expert opinions on issues, in particular KWK-G, EEG (in particular EEG remuneration)
  • Legal protection against negative decisions of the BAFA within the scope of EEG remuneration / EEG levy limitation.

Energon AG – Environmental verifier
and expert organisation

Energon AG’s environmental verifiers and experts are available as independent testing and verification bodies to validate or have certified your management systems, to have greenhouse gas emission reports verified or to submit expert opinions in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act or the Combined Heat and Power Act.

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has been the self-governing body of Hamburg’s business community since 1665 and represents around 160,000 companies in this function; it advises companies, pools their interests towards politics and administration and trains people.


Gesellschaft für Infrastrukturleistungen
und Systementwicklung Infra–System GmbH

This company provides services and non-cash benefits for infrastructure systems of industrial and service companies and the development of technical and organizational systems for these companies. The company was founded in May 1998.

German Green Desk (GGD)

The German Green Desk (GGD) supports foreign companies in successfully implementing their business projects in Germany and Europe. GGD advises international companies on the legally compliant provision of their products on the European market and the construction of industrial plants in Europe. To this end, the German Green Desk offers compliance audits and environmental due diligence reviews as early as the planning phase and subsequently supports the successful management of environmental inspections, the acquisition of approval/registration and compliance with approval requirements.

Webware internet solutions GmbH

Webware internet solutions GmbH was founded in Kassel in 2002 and has since supported numerous web-based projects in various industries. The team of 8 software developers and engineers develops solutions for three main areas:

  • Compliance
  • Complaint Management Systems
  • GIS


FreeLex offers interested parties a free search facility for legal requirements at EU, federal and state level in the following areas:

  • Environmental law
  • Industrial safety law
  • Energy law
  • Product Law
  • Data protection law

HNC- Datentechnik GmbH

HNC-Datentechnik has positioned itself in the market with one of the strongest and most comprehensive software solutions for occupational safety. The AUDITOR plus occupational health and safety management system is user-friendly and flexible and can be used in any industry.

Elektro-Gemeinschaft Hamburg

The Elektro-Gemeinschaft Hamburg combines competence in the field of electrical engineering. Almost 500 specialist companies from a wide range of industries have joined forces to meet the energy challenges of the future.

VDSI Association for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection at Work

The VDSI is Germany’s largest trade association for safety, health and environmental protection at work. Approximately 5,600 members jointly pursue the goal of making the world of work safe and healthy. Threats and strains to people and the environment are to be reduced in the long term. The aim is to anchor these values in people’s behaviour in a sustainable manner.

Partners of CertLex AG
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Partners of CertLex AG
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